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I. Level 1: Regular outlet 120 V AC plug. ADVANTAGE: Does not require anything other than plugging in. DISADVANTAGE: On average expect to get 2-5 miles of per hour of charging.

II. Level 2: Uses 240 V (residential) / 208 V (commercial) plug. DISADVANTAGE: Requires installation of additional charging equipment. ADVANTAGE: 10-60 miles of per hour of charging.

III. DC Fast Charge: 480 V AC input and requires highly specialized, high-powered equipment as well as special equipment in the vehicle itself. ADVANTAGE: 30 minute charge. DISADVANTAGE: Requires specialized equipment for the vehicle.

IV. CHAdeMO charger. CHAdeMO high speed charger, supported by the Nissan Leaf and Mitsubishi i-Miev. Tesla also supports this format as well. DISADVANTAGE: Not all chargers are compatible with this format, though many newer chargers contain plugs for multiple formats. ADVANTAGE: High speed charging.

Coming soon... A new wireless technology now in use in Israel allows for cars to enter "charging lanes" similar to HOV lanes where cars will be charged as they drive in the lane.


U.S. Dept. of Energy Alternative Fuels Map (Shown)

Google Maps - Electric Charging Station

Plug Share - private & public locations

Additional maps are available for Apple iPhone, Android and Windows phone.


No longer a question of Gas or Diesel, Electric cars come with their own plugs each with a diffent shape depending on the charge capabily of the vehicle.

To get the most ouf of your electric vehicle you should charges it regularly, that way it is always available to run at the full range.

Plugs for electric vehicles

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